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    Sharpen Your Ax Hand Out  – click here to download

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    Report – How To Look Good On Camera – click here to download

    Report – How To Speak So You’re Heard and Understood – click here to download

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    BONUS – Access Anthony Lindan’s Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program (a $97 value)

    Replace your public speaking stress, fear and anxiety with confidence, passion and conviction!

    The Peace of Mind Public Speaking program is designed to help corporate and business professional speak with confidence, poise and enthusiasm.

    • Over 3 hours of proven strategies and insights delivered in 7 MP3 (audio) modules.
    • PDF workbook with module summaries and exercises to help you develop your own peace of mind action plan.
    • Created by Anthony Lindan, a veteran workshop facilitator, keynote speaker and corporate entertainer with 20 years of experience delivering thousands of presentations to discerning business audiences across North America.

    Read Me First – click here to download

    Workbook – Peace of Mind Public Speaking – click here to download

    Click on the arrow to listen to module 1 – Overview

    Click on the arrow to listen to module 2 – 4 Secrets to Creating Peace of MInd

    Click on the arrow to listen to module 3 – Defusing Fear Based Thinking

    Click on the arrow to listen to module 4 – Confidence

    Click on the arrow to listen to module 5 – Audience Engagement

    Click on the arrow to listen to module 6 – Thumbs Up System – Preparation

    Click on the arrow to listen to module 7 – Thumbs Up System – Execution

    Why Am I Doing This ?

    Let me explain why I offered the free ‘Sharpen Your Ax Niagara Job Seekers’ training session. I grew up and live in Niagara. My children attend school in Niagara. As a parent, resident and tax payer I am saddened and frustrated by the current economic state of affairs in Niagara.

    The turning point came when I read a recent news story about 4000 job seekers turning out for a job fair at the new mall by White Oaks Resort. I knew Niagara has the highest unemployment rate in the province, but this story really drove this home and motivated me to take some form of action.

    I have spoken with many people across Niagara and found an overriding sense of frustration and resolve. I believe they want to do something to help make a positive change they don’t know what to do. The political and economic issues confronting Niagara are so complex. The daunting question is, what can we do as individuals to make a difference?

    I provide communications and team building training to corporate clients across Canada. I realized the best way that I could help was to share my time, knowledge and expertise. My sincere intent is to provide tools and resources that can help job seekers better cope with the job hunting process and become more employable.

    My goal is to provide these tools and resources completely free of charge. This is not a hidden money making scheme and there is no sales pitch or back of room sales. I am NOT doing this to make any money. I am doing this to give back to the community.