• HVR Events Team

    Hello Christine, Treva and Pam,

    My name is Anthony Lindan and I am professional magician and corporate trainer. I have been a trusted suppler to Hockley Valley Resort for several years.

    Since you’re new to the HVR events team, I made this short video to introduce myself and help you become more familiar with my corporate entertainment and training services. Please click on the screen below to watch this 3:38 video.

    Thank you for keeping me in mind for your clients. I look forward to working with each of you.

    Anthony Lindan – Corporate Magician & Trainer – 416-606-3151

    Corporate Magic web site – www.AnthonyLindan.com

    Kids Magic website – www.ScoopMcCoyMagic.com

    Team Building web site – www.ShowBizTeamBuilding.com