• Are We A Good Fit?

    finding a good fit

    Hello Event Organizer – In my 25 year career as a professional entertainer, the best results I have achieved have been when I was a ‘good fit’ with the client and the event.

    Are we a good fit? Here are 3 questions to help us find out. If you answer ‘YES’ to all 3 then let’s talk about working together.

    1. Will you invest the time to explain your event to me and outline your event objectives and expectations? (If you’re looking for a quick email quote and can’t speak with me, I’m not your magician. I need to understand your event to be able to recommend an effective approach. This requires time on the phone or face-to-face and can’t done via texts or email.)
    2. Do you want to work with an experienced professional who has the knowledge, expertise and passion to help make your event a memorable success? (If you’re just looking for any act to fill the time slot or if entertainment isn’t an important part of your event, I’m not your magician.)
    3. Are you investing the necessary budget to work with an experienced and professional entertainer? (If you’re making your selection solely on price, I’m not your magician. I only work with clients who understand and appreciate the value, quality and professionalism I bring to their events.)

    If we’re a good fit, please call me and let’s discuss your event!

    Please be prepared to discuss the following:
    • Your event overview, history and objectives
    • How you see entertainment being used at your event?
    • How you want your attendees to feel during the and after the entertainment?

    My Personal Commitment To You: I promise to work with you in a professional and timely manner. I will do everything I can, both on and off the stage, to help make you’re event a great success. My goal is to exceed your expectations and make you look like a Rock Star for hiring me!

    Thank you.

    Anthony Lindan – Corporate Magician & Trainer