• ArriveCAN’T Quarantine Magic & Comedy Extravaganza

    Quarantined Magician Performing Free Zoom Show For Those Who Have Had To Quarantine Because Of Problems Using The ArriveCAN App

    Professional magician Anthony Lindan is ending his 14 day quarantine by performing a special Zoom magic show called the ‘ArriveCAN’T Quarantine Magic & Comedy Extravaganza’.

    Anthony Lindan says, “I’m double vaccinated and in quarantine not because I pose a public health risk but because I had trouble using the ArriveCAN app. I’m stuck at home and can’t perform live shows, so I wanted to offer a little virtual fun and holiday cheer to my fellow quarantine peeps.”

    Anthony Lindan is inviting Canadians from coast-to-coast who are currently in quarantine or have had to quarantine because of problems using the ArriveCAN app to attend his family-friendly Zoom show.

    ArriveCAN’T Quarantine Magic & Comedy Extravaganza show details:

    • Wednesday December 15, 2021
    • 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
    • Anthony Lindan performing family friendly magic
    • Ottawa comedian Glen Foster – That Canadian Guy – providing some much needed laughs
    • Niagara escape artist Danny ZZZZ performing interactive mentalism and talking about his international travels
    • Free – no admission charge
    • Contact Anthony Lindan – 416-606-3151 – alindan@sympatico.ca

    Click here to book your free tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/arrivecant-quarantine-magic-comedy-extravaganza-tickets-224858456697

    Anthony’s Quarantine Story

    As I’ve learned through recent media reports, my experience is similar to hundreds of other frustrated, double vaccinated Canadians.

    On December 1, 2021 I re-entered Canada at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, ON after a 90 minute same day visit to Buffalo, NY.

    To my surprise the border guard informed me that there was no record of my arrival in the ArriveCAN app and I was subsequently ordered into a 14 day mandatory quarantine.

    Before crossing the border I had downloaded the newest version of the ArriveCAN app, uploaded my proof of vaccination documentation and travel details but apparently in the process made an error.

    I was ordered into quarantine not because I posed a public health threat but because of a bureaucratic technicality – I couldn’t use the ArriveCAN properly.

    At the time entry back into Canada I met all the quarantine exemption criteria. I offered the border guard my printed proof of vaccination but he refused it.

    Financial Impact of Quarantine

    I am a self-employed entertainer and currently the sole breadwinner for my family. The entertainment/live event industry has been decimated by Covid-19 and things are slowly starting improve. I have had to outsource and lose thousands of dollars of Christmas shows to comply with quarantine rules. This lost income is severely impeding my ability to pay the bills and feed my family.

    To add further financial insult to injury, I tried to apply for the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) only to find I didn’t qualify because I was in quarantine due to international travel.

    No Process To Appeal or Challenge Quarantine Order

    The most frustrating aspect of quarantine in there is no way to challenge or appeal it. Border Services said I have to follow up with Public Health. Public Health said quarantine decision are up to the discretion of the individual border guard. It’s been an endless process of mind numbing bureaucratic run around.

    After spending hours on hold to speak with an agent at the Quarantine Information Hotline I was informed they just provided basic information and could not provide a phone number or contact person for further assistance. They could only provide a general email.

    I have been emailing PHAC daily since December 1 and have not received a reply or even an automated response email notifying me that my emails have been received.

    Public Safety Minster Announces Change To Use of ArriveCAN App

    On Monday December 6, 2021,Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino announced that he’s instructed border officials to allow travelers to give their travel information at the border if they’ve forgotten or haven’t been able to use the governments ArriveCAN app.

    He offered no information about the fate of Canadians, like me, currently in quarantine because of these problems with the app.

    I immediately called the Minister’s office and was told I had to contact Public Safety Canada. I called Public Safety Canada and received a recording saying to a leave a message. I emailed Public Safety Canada and received an automated reply stating I should expect a 10-15 day response time. I will be out of quarantine by this time.

    Worth mentions that I also emailed MP Rachel Dancho, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Safety and she replied via email the same day!

    December 14 or 15 Quarantine Ends

    I plan to end my quarantine performing a Zoom magic show for others who are currently in or have had to quarantine. I am excited to connect and commiserate with my fellow quarantine peeps.

    I will not end my quarantine with joy or celebration but with relief and consternation. Through this experience I have become a more disillusioned (pardon the magic pun), cynical and jaded Canadian. I am deeply saddened and frustrated about how I and the others in my situation have been treated – with an absence of due-process, empathy, compassion and common sense.

    I find it harder and harder to believe a federal government that espouses helping Canadians cope with Covid while inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering by subjecting double vaccinated Canadians to the whim of problematic technology – the ArriveCAN app.

    Anthony Lindan – alindan@sympatico.ca